COVID-19 Data Analysis

Microsoft's Bing COVID-19 Tracker   project provides daily detailed data on COVID-19 cases, deaths, and recoveries for almost every country in the world, including separate data for each US State.  The data is collected from various sources including the World Health Organization daily situation reports.   I have analyzed that data and developed a new model that fits the data for most countries and states extremely well.  The model can make reasonably accurate projections about where the data on COVID-19 is headed in each reported area.   This website presents the results of my model in graphic form along with 130-day projections, including uncertainties, of where the case and death rates are expected to be headed.

The Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Study   provides similar data to the Bing COVID-19 Tracker project.   I have not seen any signficant differences between their respective databases.   I chose the Bing database because it is a bit easier to extract.

Page last updated 6/17/2020

Some other good sources of COVID-19 data are:   WHO daily situation reports with data   University of Washington's analysis show in White House press conferences   The COVID Tracking Project   California Department of Public Health data