COVID-19 Data Analysis

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic I have been analyzing the available data and making forecasts at the country, state, and county level.   My forecast results were displayed on this website.

In June 2020 I started submitting my national and state forecasts to the COVID-19 Forecast Hub, which gathers forecasts by scientific teams across the country and combines them into an ensemble forecast on cases and deaths that is provided weekly to the CDC for its weekly updates on COVID-19. 

 In March 2021 a similar European COVID-19 Forecast Hub was formed for the ECDC (European equivalent of the CDC) and I immediately began submitting my forecasts for 32 European countries. 

Providing data for the CDC and ECDC ensemble forecasts in addition to keeping this site updated has become quite time-consuming.  Therefore I am no longer displaying my
model's forecast here since the data is now available elsewhere.

The ensemble forecasts for the CDC can be seen here: US COVID-19 forecast hub visualization.
The ECDC ensemble forecasts can be seen here: European COVID-19 forecast visualization.
For both the CDC and ECDC forecasts my model is named RobertWalraven-ESG.

An excellent site for seeing more kinds COVID-19 data is the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard.